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10 Foods To Avoid That Stain Your Teeth

10 foods that stain teeth

Certain foods are notorious for their stain-provoking properties. They leave trails of stains on the outside world of tablecloths, shirts, and carpets and do the same inside the mouth on the tongue and teeth. If these foods turn into a regular affair, the stains they leave on teeth can turn persistent and possibly permanent. Why do foods stain? Any food that is a frequent feature on the menu will have […]

How Activated Charcoal Helps in Teeth Whitening

How Activated Charcoal Helps in Teeth Whitening

Activated charcoal is carbon, processed into an absorbent form that acts like a sponge soaking up toxins and bacteria. It’s effective in stain removal from teeth, and is specifically attracted to tannins but doesn’t have enamel eroding effects. As a bonus, it contributes to an alkaline environment in the mouth. How it works for Teeth Whitening Activated charcoal has been used since ancient times as a medicine to treat reactions caused […]

8 Ways To Prevent Internal Dentin Discoloration


Dentin determines the destiny of teeth whitening. The brightness and color of teeth depend upon the condition of dentin, which is composed of minerals, water and protein. Dentin is the second layer, behind the enamel and is comprised of bone-like tissue but softer than bone. Enamel is thin and semi-translucent; light reflects through it on to underlying dentin, which varies in colors depending on age, race, gender etc. Enamel is […]