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Simple Ways to Prevent External Discoloration of Teeth


Enamel is the tough mineralized, outer structure of teeth. It is semi-transparent and the color it reflects can vary in shades of white from yellow to gray. The change in color of enamel due to a combination of habit, hygiene and certain circumstances is classified under extrinsic or external discoloration. Why and how does external discoloration happen? External discoloration can range in shade from hues of yellow to black. Causative […]

Is Potassium Nitrate Safe in Toothpaste?


Potassium nitrate goes by many a moniker such as saltpeter, Chinese salt, Chinese snow, nitrite and nitrate of potash. It forms into a powder that it is white and crystal-like. It is mostly spotted on rocks, in caves, soils of tropical zones, lakes and deserts. Decomposing organic matter is essential while nitrifying potassium salts in the formation of potassium nitrate. Usually potassium nitrate is extracted from bird droppings and soil […]

Can Whitening Toothpaste Cause Sensitivity?

Whitening toothpastes help to whiten your teeth. They are used as normal toothpastes and these toothpastes offer assurance to whiten your teeth. Normally the ingredients that these toothpastes contain are different from the normal ones. These toothpastes that help to whiten your teeth are found almost everywhere. Especially these toothpastes are very common in a regular drugstore in your area. The whitening of the teeth that takes place through these […]