What Foods to Avoid after Teeth Whitening?

eeth Whitening is a common process in dentistry. If you are wondering about ‘What is Teeth Whitening’, it is just restoring the natural color of the teeth. A child's teeth are usually whiter than the adult teeth. Teeth whitening can bring in brightness to a stained or dimming smile. When a person gets older, their tooth’s enamel detaches its porous and becomes phosphate deficient. Because of these mineral alterations, the teeth may become darker easily. Teeth can also be stained by bacterial pigments. Various treatment approaches are available in the medical market, which includes bleaching strips, bleaching gel, brushing and laser bleaching.  

Foods to Avoid after Teeth Whitening

Subsequently after the treatment, the cautious diet habit is very essence to any teeth whitening process. The patients have to adapt the diet for 24 to 48 hours and ignore any food that may root discoloration all through this time.  The first 48 hours is vital because, during the teeth whitening procedures the minerals that helps in blocking the pores of the teeth are taken away. It may take roughly around 48 hours for these minerals to re-construct these pores. If we eat discoloring foods in the course of this precise time, it may damage all the development attained during the teeth whitening treatment.  Temporarily keep away certain foods and beverages and control items that brings in pain to sensitive regions of the mouth.

Here are some clues on the food diet that should completely avoid after the Teeth Whitening treatment:

Staining Foods – After whitening session, many foods and ingredients are likely to discolor the pearly whites. Staining agents mainly include dark soups, stews, beets, dark marinades and blueberries, according to Teeth Whitening guidelines. A lot of Spanish and Indian foods may also casts dark on the teeth because of its generous use up of tomato sauces and curry. Get out of these specific items can aid the Whitening procedures work as successfully as possible. 

Alcoholic Drinks – It is better to avoid alcoholic drinks like Red Wine, Beer, Guiness, and colored alcohol as it has adverse effect in blocking the Teeth Whitening process. 

Dark Beverages – Ingesting deepest staining liquid drinks like Tea, Coffee, Coca Cola, Orange and fizzy drinks can discolor the teeth easily. Colored juices like grape juice, cranberry juice, tomato juice, and orange juice may also cause stain to the teeth. To reduce the contact of any liquid drinks you have with the teeth, try to bring in straw to sip the beverages. 

Certain types of Vegetables – It is better to avoid un-boiled and skinned potatoes as it may got stuck into the pores of the teeth. Vegetable like Sweet Corn, Carrot, Peas, Broccoli, Sprouts, Green Beans, and Mushrooms have to be shunned after the Whitening foods to avoidtreatment.  

Medications – Many doctors suggests to avoid, various anti-bacterial medications like tetracycline, as this may trigger teeth blots or a lessening in the intensity of the enamel. 

Fruits –Though fruit are highly beneficial with its eminent vitamins, it is better to avoid all kinds of fruits other than banana in order to get effective results after the Teeth Whitening processes. The reason behind it is most of the fruits of acidic in nature and thus increase acidity of your saliva. This acidic environment can cause damage to parts of your teeth where teeth whitening chemicals are already applied. 

Cereals– Any kind of cereals other than rice, mainly wheat stuffed food elements are advisable to avoid in the later consecutive period of the Whitening treatment. Limiting these food items can aid in lessening food-related pain.

Brown bread– All kind of wheat bread other than White Pita bread is worthwhile to avoid after the bleaching treatment, as it may disturb the progress of the process.

Salad dressings – Vegetable Salads that rich in carotenoids or xanthonoids are especially dangerous in the progress of the success of the Whitening Treatment.

Sauces– Other than White Pasta sauce, it is better to get away from sauces like bolognaise, tomato sauces, soy sauces and so on, is highly helpful in getting better Whitening results. 

Tobacco products– Get rid of Smoking and ingesting other Tobacco products, as the de-coloring chemicals in these tobacco items may block the mineral that helps in building the pores after the treatment. 

Fatty Foods – Fatty foods like un-skimmed milk, butter, creamy foods and margarines are favorably advisable to avoid for consequent days after the treatment.

Sweets – Even though many sweetened chewing gums are allowed to take as it may give soothing effects to the teeth, but dark chocolates and artificially dyed sweets ought to be avoided.   

Cold Foods – Teeth may be susceptible to cold temperatures nearly up to 36 hours after a whitening session therapy. In order to reduce the pain induced by temperature, it is better to get rid of cold foods like ice water, frozen yogurt, ice cream, and several other cold desserts. If your tooth is too sensitive, avoid intake of foods straight away from the refrigerator and eat items at warmer temperature. 

Acidic Foods – Low-pH food stuffs like oranges, lemons, grapefruit, limes, vinegar, pineapple and pickles can boost up the acidity of the saliva, results in damaging teeth areas which is already diluted by the whitening chemical agents. These acidic foods may be sensitive to the teeth in case of leaking dental restorations and gum recessions.  

Long List of Foods you should Avoid


Your responsibility of having white teeth does not end with getting a teeth whitening treatment, It starts with it! You need to take adequate care of your teeth else the money and effort on the teeth whitening process will go in vain. This also includes clear decisions about the food diet which you can or cannot have after teeth whitening process.