Oral-B Glide Pro-Health Deep Clean Cool Mint Flavor Floss Review

Flossing is a very essential part of the dental hygiene and Oral-B, one of the leading developers and researchers of oral and dental care products have brought forth this very effective flossing product called the Oral-B Glide Pro-Health. Before looking into the specifics, the following is a brief glimpse of Oral-B as a company.

About Oral-B

The brushing industry is prices at $5 billion and Oral-B is one of the leading brand of electronic and manual brushes. They are also the producers of another oral hygiene product i.e. the floss. They have been a part of Procter & Gamble since 2006. The main country where the manufacturing takes place is the United States and their markets span the worldwide network. P & G are headquartered at Cincinnati, Ohio. One can visit their website to know more about them.

Key Specifications of Oral-B Glide Pro-Health Deep Clean Cool Mint Flavor Floss

Flossing is important to maintain the health of the teeth and every oral care regime is incomplete without flossing. Oral-B is a brand that is widely recommended by dentists and hence, they have taken the initiative to manufacture floss along with their toothbrushes so as to provide their consumers with the best quality oral care product.


One ordering this product, one gets the finest quality floss which is about 40m (43.7 yards) long. This is a mint flavored pack, however, one can also find a normal unflavored floss by Oral-B.

Usage Instructions

It is necessary to know how to floss properly so that one does not damage their gums. The step by step instruction can be found on their website. Along with the procedure, one can also find some tips and articles for the benefit of the user. There is a special guide as well to help one find the perfect floss for themselves. The following are some steps that outline briefly how to floss.

  • 18 inches of floss is wound around the middle fingers.
  • The floss is then gently guided between the teeth but it is made sure that it does not brush the gum line.
  • The floss is always held in the curved position to cover as much area of the teeth as possible.
  • The floss is then gently moved up and down.
  • It should be made sure that a fresh section of the floss is used for each tooth.
  • It is necessary to follow the instructions precisely to get the best results out of the product.

Weight and Dimensions

The dimensions of the packaging are 0.7 x 0.7 x 4.6 inches and it weighs about 0.8 ounces. The shipping weight although comes up to roughly 5.1 ounces.

Points to keep in mind

  • The following precautions should be adhered to when flossing.
  • One should not have too much length of the floss between their fingers.
  • One should also avoid snapping the floss between contacts without finger rest.
  • The motion should be up and down and not like a see-saw in a rather hapharard manner.

Special Features

Most common complaints about floss are that it shreds or gets stuck between the teeth. However, this floss does not shred upon use and hence, the motion turns out to be smooth and causes effective cleaning. One does not have to get bothered by the possibility of breaking the floss as it is made up a relatively higher quality material that does not break easily.

What the customer have to say about Oral-B Glide Pro-Health Deep Clean Cool Mint Flavor Floss

The customers are the best people to ask for opinions as they have firsthand experience of using the product. As more people are made aware of the importance of dental hygiene, the more is the consumer market effectively demanding products like floss. The demands not only need to be fulfilled but also, exceeded due the competition in the market. Here is what the customers have to say about this particular product.

All the good things

  • One of the most common expectations from the floss is that it lasts long enough to clean all the teeth without breaking, shredding or getting stuck in between, in turn impeding the smooth motion of cleaning. This Oral-B product manages to pass the test on all these fronts and emerges as a victor giving a more than satisfactory cleaning experience to the users.
  • The container is small, compact and attractive. This makes it easy to carry around when one needs to travel frequently. Thus, clean teeth do not have to wait no matter what the location as the floss is now portable.
  • The consumers claim that the strands of this product are relatively thicker than usual and hence, do justice to the name Deep Clean as they really do clean deep. The customers are left satisfied with the end result which is cleaner looking and cleaner feeling teeth.
  • This gloss is said to be relatively easier to handle probably because of the durability of the strand which prevents it from snapping at the slightest tug.
  • The minty taste is an added plus for many of the consumers who felt that it left them with a light and fresh feeling after flossing.

The limitations

The only drawback that many consumers felt was tied to this product was its high price tag. However, even then many of them said that it was totally worth the money spent because of the excellent results. The other complaint was that after using this product one could simply not go back to using the cheaper product. This isn’t really a complaint as it is testimony to the superior quality service that this product has managed to offer which leaves the consumer hooked and wanting for more.

What we recommend

In my personal opinion, there aren’t really any real drawbacks to this product and a whole lot of benefits that one cannot help but notice. The consumers can’t stop raving about their flossing experience and some even say that they are hooked onto this product for good. Oral-B has not disappointed its valued customers when they introduced this Deep Clean floss into the markets. It has gathered an overall 4.4 rating out of 5 which is just a reflection of the acceptance that it has received across the nation. A definite must have for all the oral hygiene freaks out there.

Where to buy online?

While the product is available on all leading online portals, we highly recommned buying Oral-B Glide Pro-Health Deep Clean Cool Mint Flavor Floss from Amazon. The delivery is prompt, the payment is secure and customer service is great. Moreover you can read user reviews before making up your mind. Read Amazon reviews here>>